Welcome Back

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Wow, it has been a little while since I have posted anything about all of my acting world happenings. But that is kind of a good thing since the reason was due to being so busy!
Lets see, I think bullet points would probably be best to list the various projects I have done this year.

It definitely was a year of firsts for me in my career..

-First Off Broadway Show: Jaradoa Theater’s Production at the Vineyard of I’ll Be Damned

The Beautiful people of "I'll Be Damned"

Me and Mary Testa in I'll Be Damned









-First featured role in a Movie Musical: Danny Boy in the independent film “How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song”


-First featured role in a Webseries: Directed by the amazing Miles Maker and co-starring Malikha Mallette

Me, Malikha Mallette, and Willie Teacher

Me and Director Miles Maker







-First Lead role in a Commercial Spec: For GE,  shot and directed by the extremely talented Anneke Schoneveld and co-starring the beautiful Katie Mulholland

The Dynamic Duo: Me and the lovely Katie Mulholland









And that was all just since this summer!

The really great thing I also got to experience this year was doing a little more behind the scenes work.

I was the Production Manager and Casting Director for the film “How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song” which was an amazing experience and highly informative on the whole film making process, not to mention the pleasure and privilege it was to once again work with the great Gary King. It can be a little crazy to be in front and behind the camera, but I loved every minute!

The “How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song”  Gang!

Me, Gary King, Susie King, Christina Rose and “THE” Joe Schermann


So,  yes this has been a blessed year for me and as it comes to an end I feel only excitement and readiness for the upcoming year and all the opportunities and adventures I will get to have!

So stay tuned, cause I’m back!

Love doing a Film!!

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So I just wrapped up filming last week on the latest project I was involved with called “Hollywood Love Story”
directed by Terrence Donnelan and and it reminded me how much I love being a part of the collaborative process of a movie! This one was a lot of fun because I played the role of an actor playing an Irish Peasant during the potato famine of the 1800’s in a play within the film, which also allowed me to use an Irish accent! I’m really excited to see the final result as I feel the director and DP were both really awesome!! I started my career as a musical theatre actor and needless to say film is very different, but I love it and it is definitely where my focus has been since being in New York as you can see in some of my other films I have done with Gary King! So here’s looking forward to the next one!

Jaradoa Awesomeness!!

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Now that I am a member of Jaradoa Theater Co. so many amazing things have been happening.. Like just the other day I got the opportunity while helping bring our Theater and Literacy program to Manhattan New School to watch students, who have never acted before, cracking us up and breaking our hearts with their monologues! Go MNS Play On! Theater Company!
And now we have the opportunity to continue the teaching to an underprivileged school in the Bronx!
This is the balance I love having as an actor..the ability through my art to give back!

Theater Pic From The Past

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Prince Dauntless

Theatre, Films, and Life..oh my!

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Well this has definitely been a wonderfully busy month and I love it!!

I have been working with good friend and director Gary King on his new filmWhat’s Up Lovelyas second camera operator and also had small supporting role for one day where I enjoyed being able to dance with a talented group of fellow actor/friends!

Its been a real pleasure to be so hands on behind the scenes on this film because I am learning so much!!

Be sure to check out the website at www.whatsuplovely.com
Also I recently had written about the Theater Co. I had been volunteering for Jaradoa and as of the beginning of this month I am officially a Member of the Company!!

Which is a personal achievement of the highest regard on my journey as an Actor! They are as stated before such a family like group of Artists and I feel we can achieve anything desired through our sense of outreach and passion of the arts!!

More to come about these projects soon!! Just wanted to take a min. to acknowledge the what this year has blessed me with so far!!

Daryl RayLove to All Daryl Ray

Jaradoa Theater

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I have had some pretty great experiences since I have been in the city and have definitely met some pretty amazing people too, and i feel as though I have been lucky enough to be able to volunteer my time towards a new Theater Company that encompasses both!! 
Jaradoa Theater is this amazing group of talented people who not only put on these uniquely beautiful Musical Theatre productions but also lend their time and love through artistic outreach for the community!!! I have enjoyed bringing the power of the arts to underprivileged kids in schools through Jaradoa’s Theater and Literacy program and bringing joy to the elderly throughout the senior centers of the city with the always fun Radio Plays!! Needless to say I could go on and on about the fun and personal fulfillment i have had with Jaradoa but those posts to come later, for now check out the website and our latest blog post for a fun video of Jaradoa in action!! http://jaradoatheater.wordpress.com/
Love to all www.jaradoatheater.org

Unscene Showcase Pics!!

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We had an absolute blast with our showcase and it turned out to be a great success!! We sold out to standing room only for our last three performances and I received a lot of positive feedback all around!!! I’m Excited to work with this group again on our future projects!! Stay Tuned

The Busy Life!!

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So It has definitely been a while since i have written any updates or happenings on this end!! But that is not to say it has been uneventful..because it has been the opposite!! A lot has been happening!! So I decided I will write an entry every other day…with an event or Project.. as not to have a 10 page blog. SOOO.. stay tuned for the Adventures of DRC in NYC! i like that ,kinda catchy! Anyway peace and love to all!!

Daryl Ray Carliles

An Actor’s Showcase

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So I am real excited for my upcoming showcase “Unscene”! The ten of us have put a lot of time, talent, and creative effort in producing a show that we are very proud of!! We open on September 18th and run through the 23rd!  Check out our website  http://www.unscene10.com for more info!!  It’s just great to finally have the opportunity to perform all of the skills learned during Scene Study classes with Peter this last year!!  All industry people have been invited and hopefully with friends also we will have a great turn out!! Thanks for everyone’s love and support!!



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So along with this awesome new website, I recently got new Headshots done by my talented friend Nathan West!!! They are by far the best ones I have ever had!!! (check them out on the headshots page)

So since I have received so many compliments, not only from friends but also industry folks, I wanted to let all of you know how to contact Nathan for any photography needs!!

You can check out his portfolio at http://www.nathanwestphoto.com !!

It is a beautiful thing to be surrounded by so many talented friends!!!

Love and peace